At Shooting Gear we want every customer to be fitted with the right gear, every time!

In order to do this, we ask you to call us to discuss your purchase before you buy. This is especially important if you are unsure what you need, as fitting or using the wrong gear can be unsafe.

Brian will do his best, based on the description you provide to order the right gear for you and in the event that something goes wrong, he promises to make it right; replacing, re-ordering or refunding your purchase.

If in the event that mis-information from the customer has informed the purchase, Brian may ask you to pay for some or all of the correction fee's, which might include (but is not limited to) shipping or replacement of your gear. Refunds are not available for change of mind.

In the event that a product is shipped and arrives broke or incomplete - please contact Brian immediately so that he can sort it out. Brian may not be able to fix problems with your order if he is notified later than 20 days after receiving your order.

All of these conditions are in accordance with and do not discount your rights under the consumer guarantee's act.

Please read and understand our Terms and Conditions before you purchase. 


As a reseller Brian will do his best to assist with, advise and apply any warranties, wherin there is a genuine problem which meets the warranty criteria, but ultimately the resonsibility lies with the Manufacturer (or brand) and he cannot be held personally responsible. Some of the manufacturers (brands) individualy warranty disclaimers can be viewed to the left.

Brian takes no resonsibility or liabilty for any warranties, whether express or implied, if any product (i) has been modified (ii) has not been installed, maintained or operated in accordance with all provided instructions and within the limits or rated and normal operating conditions (iii) has defects, noncomformities or other failure due to product misuse or abuse or other cause outside of Brians control. Under no circumstances is Brian responsible for the use of after market items that result in product malfunction.

The user of any product will be responsible for any costs incurred from non warrantied work, or work which falls outside of the product guarantee terms above.

Please read and understand our Terms and Conditions before you purchase. 


Brian cannot take ultimate liability for any unsafe product use, due to (i) Incorrect Installation, (ii) incorrect use; ultimately the customer (user) needs to take all reasonable measures to ensure their own safety.

Brian will ensure gear is fit for purpose within the terms of the Consumer Guarantees Act and based on what is reasonable from the information supplied by the customer. In the event that mis-information has informed (i) Brians recommendation (ii) Instructions supplied by Brian (iii) a sale; Brian cannot be held resonsible for any (i) misuse, (ii) unsafe use, (iii) default of warranty or (iv) replacement, refund or repair of any product because of using the incorrect gear.

Please read and understand our Terms and Conditions before you purchase. Click to view

Shooting Gear

Current ONLY New Zealand agent for Briley Manufacturing in Texas USA. Current NZ agent for M.E.C. Reloading products. I also supply many products to do with Firearms and Shooting. If I don't have it, I can generally get it for you.